First time sewing?

Envelope back pillow covers make a great first sewing project

Beginner Sewing Classes for Adults


Practice hand and machine sewing

Pincushions with felt applique

Whether you've never held a needle and thread or just started to use a sewing machine, this sewing workshop is for you!  Adults Beginning Sewing is a small-group class with a balance of structure and flexibility.  The workshop is a series of single-session classes that build skills in a logical, sequential order to complete a series of beautiful, customizable projects.

This is a technique-focused class - by the end you will have learned a solid set of skills to put in your toolkit (or sewing case!).  Each class offers the opportunity to practice a specific set of skills, with each lesson becoming progressively more challenging. For each linked lesson set, you can choose between different projects that utilize the same skill set.


Make some tea napkins!

Practice top stitching and dress up your table.

Your Choice of Projects

Lessons are sequential and linked according to skill set, with plenty of practice exercises before doing the projects. Each set of lessons is paired with a selection of projects, so you can learn with the group and still sew what you like. Here is a selection of available projects:

  • pincushion
  • phone case
  • scarf
  • ribbon rose pin
  • journal cover
  • tote bag
  • pillow cover
  • zippered clutch
  • napkins
  • half apron
Journal Cover.jpg

Make a journal cover!

It's the perfect way to practice sewing crisp corners.

You Will Learn . . .

  • how to choose, straighten, and cut fabric the right way
  • how to handle the machine and choose the right stitch selection
  • how to sew slip, pick, and running stitches by hand
  • how to stitch straight and curved lines on the machine and sew even seams 
  • how to clip and turn perfect corners
  • how to properly press fabrics and apply interfacing
  • how to apply binding and top stitch like a pro 
  • how to sew a button and chain stitch closure 
  • how to match seams and finish them neatly
  • how to gather, apply a zipper

Pricing and Sessions:

Each workshop is six sessions of two hours and costs $300, or $50 for each two hour class. Supply fees vary between $5 and $10 per project, with a few freebies. You can choose your projects and pay the project fees in class with cash or card.

Book both together with the advanced beginner session and save!

Other Class Information

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