Rachel's House of Craft is now Atelier Savoir Flair

Why did I change my business name?

Many years ago, I dreamed of having a business in which I could teach my lifelong creative passions. I came up with the name "House of Craft," which had a certain ring to it. Search one too many times, and that domain disappears! So by the time I was ready to start my site a ew years ago, I chose Rachel's House of Craft.

There were many good things about this name. However, it's time for a change. When I chose the word "Craft," I meant "craftsmanship," or an artist who has perfected her "craft" after years of honing technique. I did not, unfortunately mean "crafts," as in popsicle sticks. I love making art friendly for everyone, but that doesn't mean we need to dumb it down. One thing I love about teaching is 

Atelier Savoir Flair came about in the evolution of searching for a new domain name that was available on all platforms - to an easy feat. 

I speak French and lived in France for a while - and "Atelier" was a natural word to substitute for "House of Craft." Atelier has been accepted into English for the most part - there are a number of businesses and restaurants I've seen in various cities that use the word "atelier." But it has the most beautiful meaning - workshop or studio, in the sense that represents varying forms of creativity - an artist's studio, a fine dressmaking workshop. It implies work is being done humbly, with the hands, and yet it implies elevation in attention to detail and . . . craftsmanship! Artistry! These are beautiful words to me.

Savoir faire, as many know, is the French phrase for "to know how to do something," but it has a bit of sass to it, as in, "She's got the know-how." Creative arts ARE about self expression, but they are also about knowing how to do something well. When you have excellent technique and understanding, it enhances, not limits, your creativity.

Now add . . . flair! Flair to me is about fun. It's about personality. It's first and foremost about style that expresses your own joy. Do you want to look like everyone else? Do you want your clothes to be some variant of a common uniform? Do you want your home to be a cookie cutter version of reality? Or . . . would you rather wear a beautiful garment you made that reflects your favorite colors and taste? Would you rather put a painting on your wall that is both beautiful and carries symbolic meaning that's personal to you, because you made it?

As a highly creative person who also values technique, it is my pleasure to pass on that knowledge to others, so they can create beautiful things with their own unique . . . flair! Welcome to the new Atelier Savoir FLAIR!