You Can Learn to Sew!

I'll show you how to make your projects beautiful and have fun, too.


Adult Sewing Classes in Inwood

Beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate sewing, sewing with knits, and patternmaking will all be available this winter. If you'd like to read general class information about location, policies, testimonials and more, click here.


Beginner Sewing

Learn to sew practical and beautiful projects, like napkins, tote bags, pillow covers, and pincushions. No experience needed.


Beginner Sewing

Learn to sew pretty and useful projects.


Advanced Beginner Sewing

Learn to sew simple but beautiful clothes.


Advanced Beginner Sewing

You're ready to make clothes! Start with a peasant blouse or PJ pants, then move on to a skirt or simple pant with a zipper.


Advanced Sewing 

Once you have a solid foundation, making a lined dress, jeans, or a jacket is within reach - and customized just for you!


Intermediate Sewing

Learn to sew more challenging designs.


Sewing with Knits

Custom knit garments are so much better than a t-shirt.


Sewing with Knits

Learn to sew stretch jersey and other knit fabrics to make the prettiest, comfiest tops and dresses you can imagine.


Patternmaking Classes coming soon!