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Sewing instruction for different ages, budgets, and skill levels. Find the best solution for you!


Due to an ongoing family situation, my winter classes are temporarily postponed. I hope to be back very soon.

Classes and Events

Group Classes

Groups lessons are available for kids, teens, and adults, from beginners to intermediate sewers. I offer advanced sewing and pattern making classes by request. Sequential group lessons will be available in January. Fun holiday classes will happen in December! 

Classes are sold in packages as a sequential series of class sessions in a workshop, but work out to $50 for each two hour session. Workshops generally range between four and eight sessions. Purchase more than one workshop together to save!

Special Workshops

On occasion, I offer special workshops and events in the community for a low cost. Stay tuned for the spring lineup!

Private Lessons

I offer private lessons for all ages and skill levels in sewing and pattern making, in my home or yours, as well as parties and events by request. 

Private lessons start at $60 per hour in my home, with other options available.


Sewing Classes for Kids

Sewing Classes for Adults


Sewing for Kids


Sewing for Adults



Expect to do a little (fun!) homework for the class. I pack a lot of activity and information into each class session to give students a great value for the price. I highly recommend that students wishing to make garments (advanced beginner and above) invest in a sewing machine of their own, a good ironing board, and other basic supplies. If you do not have your own machine, you may rent one of mine, or if you prefer to complete your project with some assistance, you can attend an open sew session if you need more time to finish. You will have access to online videos and handouts to help reinforce what was taught in class.

Pacing and Teaching Style

My goal for every student is to walk away from class with a beautifully executed project you're proud to wear, with a pocket full of new skills you will remember and keep.

I'm not a fan of one-size-fits all instruction or projects. For each skill, you will be given practice exercises before applying them to your garment. Every workshop will include handouts and video links so you can practice and work on your project on your own, or refresh your memory. 


Self Study Options

Need to sew on your own to finish a project, but don't have a machine? You're welcome to use mine.

Open Sew 

During open sew you may come and use my machines, cutting space and other equipment. 

Both daytime and evening open sew hours are available by the hour at $15 an hour, or $10 per hour when purchasing punch cards (starting at 5 hours).  Students should come prepared to work independently, though I am available on site for an occasional question.

Machine Rental

On select days, you may rent a Singer Stylist 7258 machine from me for $20 per day, plus a $50 insurance deposit which is returned if the machine comes back in the same condition in which it was rented. 

To reserve either open sew time or rent a machine, please email me or call (212) SEW-9231 and press 0.


Got a question? Can't do the class at that time?

Feel free to ask or make a request!