Sewing Lessons for Kids and Teens

Learn to sew by hand and machine while making fun projects!

Beginning Sewing Classes for Kids

Kids can sew, too! Sewing is a wonderfully enriching activity for children, helping develop hand-eye coordination, instill confidence, dexterity, and, of course, creativity! Kids can feel proud to carry a new toy or bag to school to show off to their friends. And sewing is a great way to make new friends, too!

Beginning Hand Sewing & Machine Sewing Workshops

Unlike adult classes, where are very structured, kids' sewing classes are a little more relaxed. Kids come to class at a variety of different skill and agility levels, and needing varying amounts of supervision and assistance for safety and success. Classes are paced relatively slowly, giving plenty of time for instructor assistance, and for children to develop confidence on their own. 

Please note: this class does use sharp scissors, hot irons, and sewing machines. If you feel your child is not ready to use the equipment without help, please have an older sibling or adult attend the class as well to assist (there is no extra charge).

I do supervise all sewers, but it is best if the children are mature enough to use equipment on their own, or else attend a parent-child workshop.


Sewing is Fun!

Kids can learn to sew by hand and with a machine.

Projects for hand sewing

Hand sewing projects include ribbon rose hair clips and mini stuffed owls. They're small enough to be comfortable in a pocket!

Projects for machine sewing

You'd be surprised what your child can sew on the machine. Choices include a monogrammed pillow, a notebook cover, a friendly stuffed monster, and a cute tote bag. Special requests? Feel free to let me know!



Sew a friendly stuffed monster! 

Making monsters is fun because they can be as wild as your imagination!



4 sessions, 2 hours each for $200 ($50 each) for both the hand and machine sewing workshops.

If you prefer to register in person, please email or call.